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Dec 15, 2009

Amazingly Bruce Lee & Dato Meor True Story?

During 1973, the Grand Master of Dato Meor Abdul Rahman went out the country to pay a visit his relatives who resided in England. He was accompanied by Dato Syed Ahmad Jamalullail, one of his relatives. In the trip came home to the homeland, the aircraft that was gotten on by them stopped over for a moment in the airfield in Hong Kong. When being waiting for the following flight, he was greeted by Bruce Lee, the expert Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do self-defence art.

Bruce Lee got knew that the Dato Meor parried Seni Silat Gayong, Meor Abdul Rahman was in Hong Kong. After introducing himself as Bruce Lee, the King Kung Fu, Bruce Lee has make a duel with Dato Meor Abdul Rahman in order to dispute by him. He wanted to see how far the intensity of art maintained himself property of the Malay person that was named parried that. Bruce Lee arrogantly said if Meor Abdul Rahman won in the struggle, parried Meor Abdul Rahman was what was best, BUT if Bruce Lee also that defeated the opposition, Jeet Kune Do Art his creation was what was best in the world.

The intensity of Dato Meor Abdul Rahman form-apparently arrives at knowledge of Bruce Lee. Before than that, during 1972, a party of experts Kung Fu Hong Kong came to Malaysia to look for leading figures of self-defence art that could dispute with Bruce Lee. The party of the expert Kung Fu this met Dato Meor Abdul Rahman in Taiping. In this meeting, they have defied Dato Meor Abdul Rahman to show his ability.

Dato Meor Abdul Rahman caught as well as locked all of six experts this Kung Fu. Afterwards, Dato Meor told experts this Kung Fu to meet his right pupil also call Master Ahmad Bin Usual. Think about of Bruce Lee was still young and raw, Dato Meor Abdul Rahman advised Bruce Lee so that forgot simple his intention would to tried him. However, Bruce Lee continues to duel also. By cause of Bruce Lee continued urgent, and then Dato Meor Abdul Rahman finally answered also make the duel with Bruce Lee.

To evade the situation than became sensational or to croud, Bruce Lee and Dato Meor Abdul Rahman by being accompanied by several people headed entered the guest's room in this airfield. Be as good simple saw Dato Meor Abdul Rahman be prepared, Bruce Lee then with the suitability of the attack foot him then the beginning persuaded.

After several glorious attacks were avoided, finally Dato Meor Abdul Rahman not the alternative but acted replied by releasing one hands blow (the Nandung Fan) that was exact about the side of Bruce Lee. The hands blow of Dato Meor Abdul Rahman that was real was venomous caused Bruce Lee to fall fell headlong and fluttered was hurt. Cause of pity on Bruce Lee, Dato Meor Abdul Rahman then offered could his blow on Bruce Lee used water that was prayed for and cleared to the region was sick this. After Bruce Lee recovered than the blow impression of this Dato Meor Abdul Rahman, finally Bruce Lee modestly, acknowledged the intensity of Dato Meor Abdul Rahman and knowledge parried that was had by him.

Not old after the struggle incident of Bruce Lee with Dato Meor Abdul Rahman this, Bruce Lee it was reported died in Hong Kong resulting from the mystery illness. (According to Daniel Inosanto, the right pupil Bruce Lee, in last days of Bruce Lee before he was met died, Bruce Lee active studied about The Malay’s Martial Art. Currently the task of Bruce Lee is connected by Daniel Inosanto, as the only heir JKD that had commission by Bruce Lee. Daniel Inosanto put Parry as a part than the Jeet Kune Do main subject.) At Meor Gayung Malaysia

He disputed with Dicky Zulkarnaen (the Indonesian great actor around early the 80’s). Dicky disputed with Bruce Lee for reasons of together the artist in self-defense art. When dueling, Bruce Lee used 100% strength of his kick to Dicky's side. As a result Dicky unintentionally released his wheel power to the chest of Bruce Lee, and then Bruce Lee fell.


Already certainly, was as strong whatever someone that, one day he will definitely die. According to the news - the news and the source in the Internet, the period media and the print media, he died cause of mysterious illness. He collapse when was for 'dubbing' for the “Enter the Dragon film”. Afterwards, he could be cured than the illness with help of a doctor.


In 20 Julai 1973, Bruce Lee went to dinner together with George Lazenby, the actor James Bond that popular in the period.


Afterwards, his schedule was so busy. In his afternoon, he felt the previous headache used medicine analgesic (painkiller) and equagesic (which have aspirin and muscle relaxant). So, approximately struck 7:30p.m., he going to rest up and slept. But, after he did not descend ate dinner, Chow came to Lee apartment and startled Lee but unfortunately, Lee did not get up. A doctor tried to make him aware before Lee was accompanied to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But, Lee already pound died before arrive in hospital.

So, that was the 'official story' about the death of Bruce Lee are not been showed/publish by the media, internet, Official person who really knew the true story.

For Me I’m not sure either cause the person those spread this story are involve in this part of story. Who really knew the Sudden death of Bruce Lee? I’m also curios? But what the past had been passed..Only God knows why….cause this is part of the God job. The truth that I’m really well-known Bruce Lee is the strongest & coolest Kung Fu Man in the worlds. Also the Grand Master of Marital Art also well known as Dato Meor is the best man that I had ever seen in the Malaysian Martial Arts.


joseph said...

what the fuck bro, do u know how to speak english cuz apperantly not in this u dont.

azlan_bbsk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
azlan_bbsk said...

Have not heard about Master Ahmad Bin Usual. Maybe you are referring to Cikgu/Master Ahmad Bin Ismail or Cikgu/Master Ahmad Bin Lazim. Both of them is the trusted student of Almarhum Dato Meor Abdul Rahman especially Cikgu Ahmad Bin Ismail. He's staying with Almarhum Dato for more than 10 years.

rafien said...

haha.. translation by word
Ahmad b USUAL = Ahmad b LAZIM

LAZIM means USUAL in English

zah said...

senang kacang je bro

limjacky11111 said...

Aiks , wake up bro . I guess you was done this in dream . HK have at least 10 master can fuck you easy . Don't talk like stupid malay .

enigma said...

limjacky11111 don't talk like a jerk. One silat's student can easily take down your 10 master in HK!!!

Aiman Beruang said...

This blog is outdated. I don't know where you got your info, but those speculations can never be proved, not unless someone did a thorough documentary on it. Btw, you seriously need to brush up on your English language. I don't mean it in any way that's offending you, but before you want to write something in English, make sure you use proper vocabulary and grammar. Not just some copy paste from Google Translate. Get your facts straight, or at least make a proper research on this. It'll help for the viewers/readers and yourself.But good job though my friend, for the effort of course.

Peter Rey Salik said...

What the fuck did I just read??!!!! Fix your English dude!! It gave me headache while reading your blog.. Ughh!!

enlightened light said...

Mungkin ahmad bin lazim...lazim kadang google terjemahkan sebagai usual

enlightened light said...

Mungkin ahmad bin lazim...lazim kadang google terjemahkan sebagai usual said...

so English vs Silat martial art

Unknown said...

All that is bullshit....find it funny after Bruce Lee's death everyone who is someone in the martial arts world lay claim that they beat Bruce in a fight with no prof or documentary to claim this....there is no prof because the fact is is NO ONE beat Bruce Lee in a fight!!

NamiN said...

Bruce lee not K.O just seriously injured by the duel. Fix that info

Unknown said...

I don't know about any of this or either I should believe it, but from what i learned, bruce lee died from Cerebral Edema

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